Richfield Still Growing - Slowly

But proportion of minorities growing rapidly, according to new Census figures.

While Richfield's population grew only slightly during the past decade, the city's population become significantly more diverse than in previous years, according to figures released today by the US Census Bureau.

The official population of Richfield increased about 2.5 percent to 35,228 residents in 2010 from 34,439 in 2000, but the data shows the city minority populations grew at a much faster rate.

Over the past decade, the number of residents in Richfield who classified themselves as African American and Asian only  jumped 42 percent and 18 percent, respectively - though both groups still represent only a fragment of the city's population. The city's African American population was 3,242 in 2010 compared to 2,289 in 2000; its Asian population was 2,163 in 2010 compared to 1,826 in 2000.

The percentage of Richfield residents who identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino grew even faster. In 2010, there were 6,436 compared to 2,158  in 2000, a percentage increase in the triple digits. 

The white population of 24,606 in 2010 still represents a majority of the Richfield citizenry. There were 27,981 white residents in 2000.   

Similar increases in minority populations were also true for Hennepin County and the state. Check out Richfield Patch for future stories regarding the census figures below.


 2010 CensusRichfieldHennepin CountyMinnesota Total: 35,228 1,152,425 5,303,925 Population of one race: 33,998 1,114,976 5,178,780 White alone 24,606 856,834 4,524,062 Black or African American alone 3,242 136,262 274,412 American Indian and Alaska Native alone 295 10,591 60,916 Asian alone 2,163 71,905 214,234 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 21 506 2,156 Some Other Race alone 3,671 38,878 103,000 Two or More Races 1,230 37,449 125,145 Hispanic or Latino (cultural designation, may be any race) 6,436 77,676 250,258 Age 18 or older (eligible to vote) 27,172 891,080 4,019,862 2000 Census RichfieldHennepin CountyMinnesota Total: 34,439 1,116,200 4,919,479 Population of one race: 33,531 1,087,159 4,836,737 White alone 27,981 898,921 4,400,282 Black or African American alone 2,289 99,943 171,731 American Indian and Alaska Native alone 248 11,163 54,967 Asian alone 1,826 53,555 141,968 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 14 531 1,979 Some other race alone 1,173 23,046 65,810 Population of two or more races 908 29,041 82,742 Hispanic or Latino (cultural designation, may be any race) 2,158 45,439 143,382 Age 18 or older (eligible to vote) 27,468 848,698 3,632,585
Chris March 17, 2011 at 01:23 PM
Thanks for sharing! Do you happen to know where one could find some pre-2000 data like this for Richfield?
Mary Barnes March 18, 2011 at 12:27 AM
League of Women Voters, Richfield, could probably tell you anything you want. contact Lois Quam. All of the League stuff has left my house to a warmer climate. I have stepped down... for better things. Or visit the History Center. Or, call a old person. Nancy Lindberg/husband Chuck. Mary, Voter Service Person, for, well, almost forever. did not want to do it until I was dead. :)


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