A Time for Reform

The Fifth Congressional District cannot afford another term of career politicians.

While career politicians and the media have a field day trying to divide the American people, we must remain focused. One Congressional Representative or President did not cause the problems that we face nor did one political party cause them. 

For the most part I have taken the view that they were caused by well-intentioned people who designed and implemented ineffective government programs that unleashed an abundance of unintended consequences.

Of the problems we face today among the most significant comes in the form of career politicians who don’t recognize that we are facing economic ruin. Anyone familiar with problem solving knows that the first step is to admit that there is a problem. 

For his part, Keith Ellison cannot even admit we have a problem with spending. He has stated on the record “we don’t have a spending problem we have a revenue problem.” Aside from his favorite economist Paul Krugman there are not many people of substance on either side of political landscape that agree with Ellison.  

Ellison would have us believe that we can simply tax our way out of our economic crisis. His newest gimmick is the Robin Hood Tax or Inclusive Prosperity Act. This act would levy a tax on financial transactions such as trading stocks. 

Former President Bill Clinton said that "it would either lead to a lot of revenue or send our financial sectors jobs overseas." We cannot afford to take that risk and lose more Americans jobs. Our best hope is to reform government.

For example Medicaid and education are two areas where I believe the states should be prepared to assume more fiscal responsibility. Medicaid provides medical care for the poor and education is the key weapon in the fight against poverty.  

States, like ours, can no longer fund sports stadiums and then turn to the federal government to pay for their real needs: medical care for the poor and education are real needs.

The federal government cannot continue to spend money the way it has in the past. We must have structural reforms to government. From top to bottom we need to examine the way each dollar is spent.

I recognize that we have a problem with federal government spending and I support comprehensive tax reform. If elected I will work across party lines to ensure that we get back in the business of sustainable prosperity for all Americans.

About Chris Fields

Chris Fields is the alternative to Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District.  Chris is a retired combat veteran who honorably served his country for more than 21 years in the United States Marine Corps.  His message of reform, responsibility, and accountability is encouraging people from diverse backgrounds and political persuasions to Come Together to support a leader that will make real and tangible changes to a broken political system.

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