VIDEO: A Hearty History of Serving Up Heaping Helpings

For 40 years, Buckboard Family Restaurant in Lakeville has served up huge portions to its customers.

Not too long ago, Lakeville was closer to being a rural farm community than a booming suburb. Then, there weren't many restaurants around to cater to a legendary Midwestern farmers appetite. Buckboard Family Restaurant met that need, and forty years later, they are still serving up big portions to locals and visitors.

The "Buckboard Special," one of their signature breakfasts, is a great example. A mountain of sausage, cheese, American potatoes, green peppers, and onions sits alongside two eggs and a generous serving of toast. It's not just quantity—the sausage is delicious and the potatoes are sauteed to a perfect balance of tender and crisp.

"You won't leave hungry," Chef Hesham Abdel-Khalek, or "Chef Sham," said with pride. Most of their breakfasts are sizable, and provide flavorful portions with an eye toward offering the best value to their customers.


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