Richfield Chamber of Commerce Working With Community, City Staff to Stimulate Economic Development

Tim Carter, managing owner of Richfield-Bloomington Honda, briefly discusses the chamber and city's efforts to keep Richfield business community stable.

Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by Tim Carter, Richfield Chamber of Commerce member and managing owner of. 

Residents and businesses alike have endured the combination of tough economic times and road/bridge construction more than most any other community in the Twin Cities. In many ways, it's made us stronger, but there is also evidence of how hard it was on the business community.

We all see some areas that we would like to see come back to life. As normal traffic patterns re-emerge, what are folks seeing that haven't been here for a while? What first impressions are happening? What is this doing for the overall environment in our City?

The Richfield Chamber of Commerce has put an even higher priority on economic development in Richfield and there are five legs to the strength of a community's table:





5.City government

The Richfield chamber realizes the importance of their role in making the strongest business community possible. With all this said, we've worked hard on creating a strong sense of urgency and "team" attitude forged with Richfield property owners, chamber businesses, brokers, developers, Richfield City Council members, city staff and Mayor Debbie Goettel. The chamber’s Economic Development Committee is doing this work and we've had individual and group meetings since May 2010.

I see signs in the economy that give me great confidence that good things are coming. I've had consistent and steady growth in my business over the last 14 months. Historically, we are a business that is first to go into a recession and are among the first to come out.

I believe there are developers and interested parties out there that have money and do not have a concern with financing that are sensing the same thing. And that they are now in the looking stage to determine where to invest. How does Richfield rate in their eyes? Are we on their list? Do they know what benefits over other communities exist here? Are we perceived as approachable and cooperative to work with?

These are all important questions "the team" is preparing to answer. I've always believed and seen it to be true: Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. The preparation is now and opportunity is coming. Let's see how lucky we can get!

On March 22 we are participating in a work-study session with city council, city staff, Mayor Goettel and developers discussing economic development, which all are welcome to attend. Give us your ideas on what you think the Lyndale Avenue Corridor should look like after redevelopment. What retail, shopping and service opportunities are missing here in Richfield?

The March 22 meeting will be held at Richfield City Hall at 5:30 p.m. prior to the city council’s regular meeting.

Editor's Note: The city council work session is March 22, not Feb. 22 as originally published. It has been changed in the story.


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