Fourth High-Level Best Buy Exec Leaves Company

The troubled retailer sees another high-profile executive hit the bricks.

Two days after Best Buy's chief marketing officer, , announced his resignation, another high-level company executive has also left the company.

According to the Star Tribune, Dave Deno, chief financial officer of Best Buy's international division and president of its Asia region, recently joined OSI Restaurant Partners as its executive vice president and CFO. Best Buy confirmed Deno's departure late Friday.

Deno's departure is the fourth in a series of high-level executives leaving the company. , while and Geek Squad founder, Robert Stephens, left in March. 

. The Star Tribune reported that Deno and Judge's departure are not related to the investigation. Best Buy is still in the process of searching for a new CEO.

Old Mort May 06, 2012 at 05:25 PM
I hope the guys who make present customer service policy are shipped off. I always swear I will never go back to Best Buy...but sometimes I slip up. I bought my last computer (Gateway) there and after buying it I was told that for $80 they would optimize it for me so it ran better. I told them...Geeze..this thing is new why would I spend another 80 bucks? I declined and took it home. I've had it 2 1/2 years and have had nothing but trouble with it. It is the worst computer I have ever owned. Triple core my butt...If you try to do any mutitasking the screen fades to white. I complained and the manager as much as said...not our problem...no help whatsoever unless I wanted to pay a few hundred dollars to the geek squad. Then a few months ago I was given a large screen monitor. It wouldn't work with the Gateway. I went to Best Buy and talked with a geek squad guy and he said most problems with monitors are usually with the cable. He told me go get a new cable and try it out. If that doesn't work you can always return it. It didn't work. So I threw it in the car to reurn it. I returned the cable and they told me...hey this was bought here over 30 days ago. We can't take it back. It was $30 (5 x higher than the ones on ebay). I complained to the manager and she acted like: hey stupid...didn't you read the fine print on the reciept? No I hadn't, but I remember the Geek saying "If it doesn't work you can bring it back anytime." I hate Best Buy, no, I hate the people who run it.
Norbs May 08, 2012 at 02:44 AM
Voice your complaints elsewhere Martin. There are rules in life to live and abide by. Clearly, your world is its always some else's problem. Deal with it and keep your complaints to "Martin" world.


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