Five Fantastic Father's Day Gift Ideas

Don't forget about dear old Dad on Sunday! Find the perfect gift without driving all over town.

Father's Day is quickly approaching, and if Dad taught you anything, it's to be prepared—for a flat tire, a camping trip and probably Father's Day. Richfield Patch is here to help you find that perfect gift close to home. Whether your dad is a comic book fan, a fun-enthusiast, a food-lover or an athlete; he's still your dad. Give him something to smile about this Sunday.

For the Collector Dad

Most dads end up being pretty young at heart. If your dad is still that nerdy teenage boy, or if he owns "toys" that you still aren't allowed to touch or open, consider a gift from Richfield's .

While they have a lot of products for kids and teens, they also carry more adult-friendly collectibles. According to manager Michael Harmon, graphic novels are a great gift.

"They are usually about six [comic book] issues compiled into one book that is easy to read and put on a shelf and collect," he said.

And if your dad is your superman, consider letting him know.

"As far as apparel, we've got superhero and video game t-shirts," Harmon said.

For the Food-Loving Dad

First things first, before you get in the car, make sure to assure Dad that you'll be footing the bill this time. Then, pack up the family and head to — the chain's very first location. Dad will certainly get his fill at this all-you-can-eat buffet with plenty of meat, entrees and dad-friendly desserts.

"We definitely have a father-centered menu," said Elizabeth Vaughan, the restaurant's kitchen manager. "We will have butterfly shrimp, plus steak and eggs in the morning."

Also, a trip to OCB is easy when you've got a big family to feed.

"It's a great place for kids and families," Vaughn said. "The food is already ready and people can have as much as they want."

And you don't have to open your wallet when your dad wants to go up for seconds or thirds!

For the Athletic Dad

If your dad has a better batting average than you and whoops you on the links, a gift from is a good bet.

"We're obviously geared towards Father's Day this week," said store manager Justin Schletz. "We've got golf sets, golf apparel and drivers."

Lots of fathers are best friends with the lake during the summer, and Sports Authority has plenty of fun toys to keep him occupied.

"Water sports season is coming up, and we have kayaks," said Schletz. "The hottest trend is stand-up paddle boards."

And sometimes, it's all about the yard games.

"We have a lot of the backyard games like ladderball and tailgate toss," said Schletz.

Challenge your dad to a round as soon as he opens it!

For the DIY Dad

For better or worse, dads like to tinker. Whether it's building a new dog house, fixing the pipes, installing a new light fixture for Mom or something more terrifying like rewiring the whole house, Dad's to-do list is a long one.

Ease the burden by getting Dad a gift card to this Father's Day. While a gift card can sometimes seem like an impersonal gift, imagine his face when he walks into the DIY mecca of Home Depot with the freedom of getting whatever he wants. Because you don't know what size washers he needs or the difference between nuts and bolts, give Dad the total kid-in-a-candystore experience.

For the Fun Dad

If your dad is more serious about mini golf than actual golf, take him out to and grab a putter. This is another game for the whole family, but that doesn't mean you can't get competitive! And since it truly is the thought that counts and not the pricetag, take Dad to one of Richfield's many parks for an old-fashioned game of catch or some intense frisbee action. Quality time can go overlooked, but it means a lot. It's all about Dad on Sunday!


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