UPDATED: Best Buy CEO Resigns Amid Personal Conduct Investigation

The company is currently looking for a permanent replacement.

Last Updated: April 10, 2012 at 9 p.m.

Hours after announcing the resignation of its CEO, Brian Dunn, a Best Buy spokesperson said his personal conduct was under investigation prior to his departure.

"Certain issues were brought to the board's attention regarding Mr. Dunn's personal conduct, unrelated to the company's operations or financial controls, and an audit committee investigation was initiated," Claire Koeneman, Best Buy spokeswoman who works for H+K Strategies, said in an e-mailed statement Tuesday. "Prior to the completion of the investigation, Mr. Dunn chose to resign."

Dunn, who was with the company for 28 years, began as a sales associate.


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Less than two weeks after , the company's CEO Brian Dunn gave his resignation Tuesday morning.

According to the Star Tribune, the decision was a mutually agreed upon decision and there were no disagreements with Dunn on any matter relating to operations, financial controls, policies or procedures. Best Buy's stock rose 52 cents, or 2.3 percent, in morning trading.

Board Member Mike Mikan will serve as CEO in the interim, until a permanent replacement is determined.


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