Best Buy Announces Full List of Store Closures

The company announced 42 more U.S. stores will close by the end of summer.

After , the company released the remaining 42 store locations Saturday that are set to shutter.

Hours after annoucing the planned closures, were disclosed first, followed by on in San Antonio. Two stores, one in Kansas City, MO and Scottsdale, AZ, have already closed this year.

According to a Best Buy press release, three of the 42 stores remained open Saturday, while the others were closed, however they will reopen Sunday. The company anticipates closing the majority of those 42 stores by May 12, with all others closing sometime this summer. Seven stores in California, six in Illinois and three in Virginia are among those scheduled to close.

In the midst of all the closures, the company's former CEO Brian Dunn, who , is also under and using company funds to carry it out.

The entire list of closures is attached to this article as a PDF.


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