VIDEO: How to Start a Saltwater Aquarium

This week's Ask Me Anything focuses on creating and maintaining a saltwater fish aquarium in your home.

So, here's your conundrum.

Ever since your 3-year-old watched "Finding Nemo" at daycare, he's wanted  an aquarium.

Rather than grabbing a goldfish from the local superstore, why not do it up right? 

Clint Anderson of Discovery Aquatics walks us through the steps of starting a new, saltwater aquarium. 

Part of a small niche of stores that cater to saltwater tank owners' needs, Anderson recognizes the importance of owning a saltwater tank, particularly when it comes to the coral you can grow, along with providing a solid home for your little clown fish. 

"There are so many you can get," he said. "And it's kind of neat. You can grow out these coral in the tank, and there are varieties you can't get in nature anymore. So you can repopulate the species in a way that keeps them from going extinct." 

Few things sparked an interest in saltwater aquariums like the previously mentioned Pixar classic.

He said the interest keeps shop owners busy.  

"There are a few of us that cater to everybody's needs as best we can," Anderson said.

Take a look at the video above as Anderson gives viewers all the necessary information about starting a saltwater aquarium.

Elizabeth Royster May 24, 2011 at 05:11 PM
Salt water is more complicated to maintain and also more money. For a child I would start with fresh water and see if the interest is there for a more complex set up. I have had huge salt water set ups and a little one. The stores don't like to sell you a little set up as they can be more touchy, not a lot of leeway, but it can be easily done if you are willing to put in the effort. Be sure that you store the fish food out of the reach of the child. Learned that one the hard way. The fish didn't die but it was a freshwater fish so a little more hardy. Raising fish is also fun and can pay for your hobby.


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