Wood Lake Nature Center Director Shares Earth Day Advice

Karen Shragg offers some suggestions on how to celebrate Earth Day.

Editor's Note: The following was submitted by , director of and naturalist.

The best advice I can offer for Earth Day is for each of us to commit to becoming as literate as possible about the environment.

Check out the scientific basis for all of the articles you read, don’t believe things that are in the paper without vetting them. For example, in a very short time but none of our natural resources have been able to keep up, is a fact that we rarely get to read about.

Attend classes (we have some at Wood Lake), read non-fiction books and magazines about our planet’s health. Get outdoors and make your own observations about nature so you can start seeing the powerful connections in the natural world and its fragile cycles which always need time to recharge and recycle. Start seeing the connections between how many there are of us, and the losses of our resources and our quality of life. When you can see the connections between our actions and their results on nature you will alter your thinking and behavior.

Above all realize that nature "thinks" long term and we need to also. Most environmental problems of resource depletion and pollution are caused by short term thinking. Combine this Earth Day effort with doing things that make you feel involved in helping our planet:

  • ;
  • Pick up trash at home and on vacation;
  • Reduce the amount of things you think you need;
  • ;
  • Join a letter writing campaign to stop harmful extractive practices.

Wish others a "Happy Earth Day" this April 22—they may not realize when it is!


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