Wicked Warm Winter in Richfield: 50s in December

It's been 50 in Richfield for the first three days of December. Will it last?

Old-man winter doesn't seem too interested in showing up this year.

That or Mother Nature has a message for all of us: No December for you.

The past few days, the weather has been more like October than December—and for winter-weary folks in Richfield, it's a good thing. But it's tough to be weary of winter before it even begins.

The National Weather Service says the typical high temperature on Dec. 1 in Richfield is 32 degrees. This year it was 50.

On Dec. 2, it's usually 31 degrees. This year: 51.

Today is no different with a forecast high temperature of 55 degrees. In fact, as of 11:30 a.m., the NWS says it's 54 degrees in Richfield. What gives?

Thanks to a stationary Pacific storm that's drenching California with record rainfall, we're getting unseasonably warm weather.

Is it rare? Since 2000, only three times have we been this warm this late in the year—2011, 2006 and 2004, the NWS says.

But how long will it last? The Pacific storm is on the move and a cold front will pass through Minnesota later today, but even once it does, the NWS says temperatures will still be above normal, but not 20-degrees above normal, just 3-4 degrees.

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