UPDATE: Richfield Metro City Sewer Project Continues to Move West on 76th Street

Weekly neighborhood meetings at the site of the project offers opportunities for residents to ask questions and get answers about specific issues regarding the project and their individual property.

staff including representatives from the City of Richfield, HR Green, and Steve Hentges of S.M. Hentges & Sons were on hand at the intersection of 76th Street and Bryant Avenue Monday evening to answer questions and give residents an update on how the project is currently affecting their neighborhood.

The pipeline serves the Richfield, Edina and Bloomington areas. As it was, the pipe was at capacity and with further anticipated expansion of the area, it needed to be replaced, said in a .

Asher, who was one of the city's representatives Monday night, welcomed and thanked residents for coming out to the meeting. As of July 20, . However, while one lane in each direction on Lyndale Avenue remain open, drivers are currently unable to go west on 76th Street. And residents on Aldrich and Bryant Avenues are unable to access 76th Street from the respective streets.

According to Hentges, the next major issue related to residents in the area is a brief water service interruption. This interruption should occur within the next two days and typically has lasted for four to six hours during the day. Asher added that residents should get at least 24-hour notice on their door if any interruption in water service will affect their residence.

Tim Lamkin with HR Green, engineering consultant to the project, walked with residents to their specific properties to answer questions and address individual concerns. Not only have residents been dealing with the traffic detours, many have also been feeling ground shaking activity.

The length of time any one section of 76th Street will be without concrete is six to eight weeks, according to Liz Finnegan with the City of Richfield. Finnegan also explained that the entire sewer project is scheduled to be wrapped up in mid-November 2011.

Neighborhood meetings will be held on the corner of 76th Street and Bryant Avenue every Monday at 7:30 p.m. until that portion of the project is completed. In the event of rain, the meeting is cancelled for the week. Residents with questions can also call the project hotline directly at 612-861-0512.


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