Richfield Woman Helps People Achieve Energy Balance

Energy is all around and within us, we just need to take hold of it.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you could cut the tension with a knife? Or left a get together with a less-than happy friend feeling drained?

What you’ve felt is energy—and negative energy at that.

The study of human energy is something that Richfield resident Deb Safyre has dug into for the last decade.

“Everyone wants a high-level of well being and everyone wants the best for themselves,” Safyre told Patch. “And when you manage your energy, you can more easily find what you want.”

After spending 23 years in the corporate world, and five years in nursing before that, Safyre started her energy consultancy, . Working with individuals and groups, Safrye’s aims to help her clients identify their own energy and how to apply it in conflict situations.

“What I am about is helping people to be the best they can be regardless of the situation they find themselves in,” she said. “Conflict is a type of energy that people can’t avoid and it scares them. If you understood conflict and what’s underneath it then you can make better choices on how to manage it.”

How does one find that energy? Safyre said the first thing to do is pay attention.

“People deal with their energy their whole life,” she explained. “You don’t realize you are reacting to it everyday.”

Safyre identified four forms of energy: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

“Energy goes beyond your mind,” she said. “It’s in your core.”

Safyre said there are many techniques for discovering one’s energy, and she often uses mediation, and even improv comedy, in her sessions.

While many may find it difficult to understand the importance of being connected with the energy they are projecting and receiving, Safyre said it’s something that must be experienced and played around with.

"You don't know what it's like until you've felt it," she said.

Nonetheless, Safyre truly believes if people are able to find energy balance, they will be much happier people and better contributors to society.

“I believe the stronger people can be individually, the stronger the community can be,” she said. “If everyone can live to their best self, can you imagine what the community would be like?”

Safyre is at Richfield’s this Saturday. For more information on the event, .


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