More Snow Hits Richfield, State

Public Works salts streets to prepare for icy road conditions

More snow and cold weather is in store for Richfield and much of the state Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Currently the Twin Cities are in a winter weather advisory until noon.

Monday's rain transitioned into snow overnight and by the end of the day the National Weather Service is predicting one to three inches to fall in the Richfield area. Further, the cold temperatures will create icy road conditions, blustery winds and a wind chill between -2 and 3 degrees in the evening.

 is currently working to combat the icy roads, according to Chris Link, director of the Streets and Forestry Department.

"Because of [yesterday's] rain and uncertainty when it would freeze, we did have crews in overnight," Link said. "Crews will not plow residential streets, but will be salting intersections later today and into tomorrow."

Currently the snow has lightened up a bit and the National Weather Service is forecasting some sun for Wednesday. However, drivers should still be careful.

Since the total amount of today's snowfall is still unknown, Link said Public Works will continue to monitor the road conditions and dispatch trucks as necessary.

To contact Public Works, call 612-861-9794. To keep up on the changing weather conditions, go to weather.gov.


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