Metro Green Line Light Rail Opens: Will You Be Riding?

The new line runs 11 miles between Union Depot and Target Field. Get a map, schedule and more information about the Green Line.

Credit: Metrotransit.org
Credit: Metrotransit.org
The Green Line light rail officially opened this weekend, providing service between St. Paul and Minneapolis with 23 stops along the way. 

The 11-mile stretch goes between Union Depot in St. Paul and Target Field in Minneapolis, with stops at the University of Minnesota along the way. 

TELL US: Will you use the Green Line? Are you happy it's open? 

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Michelle Bugge June 18, 2014 at 11:01 AM
Woodbury Patch, really? Living in the suburbs, why the heck would I drive in to St Paul or Minneapolis, navigate that nightmare of a traffic situation--where the trains keep hitting cars---to find a place to park and then ride a stupid train that takes longer to ride than to bicycle? I'll take my car. As for that area...just be forewarned, light rail lines like that are a great way to transport drugs and gang activity back and forth. This is just another failure of unattainable utopian central planning. We live in America people, not Europe. We have vast space and land to cover, and we do not like to be told where, or how, to live. For those who pine for the false so-called purity of European transit, even they are embracing Rapid Bus Transit. It is cheap, flexible and vastly less disruptive. Why we are wasting time, taxpayer money and destroying business and communities for antiquated and unsuitable technology is beyond me. Lastly, the ones who will benefit from this are the ones who put politicians who vote for this, big development, corporations and union construction. When light rail comes in and destroys housing prices and existing businesses, giant (loft/apartment) developers and corporate chains (starbucks, chipotle) swoop in, buy up depressed property at cheap prices and then flip it over at much MUCH higher prices. What was once a quaint middle class neighborhood of neighbors and local businesses is destroyed to make way for a bunch of latte sipping, snooty yuppies and their commercial chains. Congratulations DFL. So much for supporting the 'little people'.
Jacqueline Zeigler June 29, 2014 at 11:15 AM
Oh come now. You make some pretty broad, sweeping statements here. "Where trains keep hitting cars?" Evidence please. "Light rail lines like that are a great way to transport drugs and gang activity?" You have got to be kidding. You think people can/will make more drug deals because of light rail?" PUHLEESE. And although I might agree that light rail may not be suitable for this climate, it certainly does not "destroy housing prices and existing businesses." Where did you get that idea? And University (read, "quaint") Ave was not destroyed. Give me a break! You are going to have to come up with more FACTS to convince people that it is a bad idea.


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