Mayor is Encouraging City Council to Go Green

Minnesota GreenSteps Cities program will help Richfield achieve their environmental sustainability goals.

Mayor Debbie Goettel is requesting a study session to discuss participation in the Minnesota GreenSteps Cities program. Launched in June 2010, Minnesota GreenSteps Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance and recognition program to help cities achieve their sustainability goals. It is sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

There are three levels of participation in GreenSteps Cities, which Richfield can attain through the implementation of various best-practice initiatives. All of the actions are tailored to Minnesota cities and concern cost savings and energy use reduction while encouraging innovation.

Goetell said she’s been very active in promoting the green movement in Richfield, acting as the Regional Council of Mayors focusing on environmental sustainability. Though she didn’t put the city of the GreenSteps pilot program, she said she’s been very proactive on the issue from the beginning as it ultimately benefits Richfield as a whole.

“We think it’s a real selling point for the community,” she said.

Jim Topitzhofer, Recreation Services Director for Richfield, will deliver a short presentation at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. A member of Greenstep Cities staff will also be attending the study session to answer additional questions about the program.

Mike McLean October 25, 2011 at 03:04 PM
I truly hope that we don't go "Green" just for the sake of going "Green". There was a local school that spent $175,000 to go "Green". The payback will take 56 years to break even.
Kevin O'Donovan October 25, 2011 at 05:05 PM
How much green has been wasted in the name of going green? Save green ! Cut spending and stop stifling business development. Let the citizens of Richfield keep some green.


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