Local Homeless Youth Program Looks for Host Families in Richfield

Oasis for Youth is looking for Richfield, Bloomington and Edina families to act as a host family for homeless youth.

Bloomington-based Oasis for Youth announced that it is looking for host families to provide a home for homeless youth in the Richfield, Edina and Bloomington areas.

Oasis for Youth provides support for kids and adults ages 15-21 who are having housing stability issues. Currently, the organization is collaborating with Hennepin County's Suburban Host Home Program to help find housing for homeless youth ages 16-21. The program is a new effort to connect those in need with caring adults.

The population of homeless youth is growing in Richfield, Edina and Bloomington and there are no shelters in these areas, according to an Oasis for Youth press release.

If you're interested in being a host family, an information session will be held at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church in Bloomington from 6-8 p.m. Sept. 20. For other dates, click here.

The issue of youth homelessness is also being looked into by the Richfield Community Council. Stay tuned for more developments.

jj September 18, 2011 at 11:36 AM
If they are under 18, they are the responsibility of their parents; if they are over 18 they are responsible for themselves. Groups like this take the responsibility away each person and in the long run, just hurt the people they think they are helping.
Michelle Herling September 18, 2011 at 04:39 PM
I disagree with the previous persons comments. This type of program is so needed. People from all back rounds and for numerous reasons are really struggling. 15 to 18 year old kids are supposed to worry about what to wear to school, and getting their homework done. They should not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, or if they have a place to sleep and shower. In today's economy this is a reality for people from all back rounds. People have lost jobs and homes. These kids are our future. It's up to us to help when we can. I am a parent of a teenager in one of these communities. We have had kids who have struggled spent the night and gave them a good meal because we could. There are unfortunately people that are not responsible parents. These kids suffer. Help give them a chance to make a future for themselves even if it's for a short time. Think back when you were a teenager, didn't anybody say or do anything for you that you remember today? Don't be so heartless.
Jody Johnson September 20, 2011 at 12:14 AM
This sounds like a great program. Too many kids don't have parents that are able to meet their basic needs, or who have been abusive towards them in some way. Kids need strong and healthy adult role models to learn how to become adults themselves, and how to break the cycle of poor parenting and abuse. Being over 18 doesn't suddenly equip young people with the ability to live independently if they have never had any guidance. They need to learn independent living skills, work skills, social skills. It's a hard job market right now for teens and young adults because so many adults in general are out of work. Life isn't easy. I think any investment we adults can make in the young people of our community will make the community at large better for all of us. If kids don't learn skills, and don't have healthy adult role models, some of them are going to make poor choices. Some will get involved in criminal activity, or abuse or neglect their own young children. Some will be homeless, or become chemically dependent. These poor choices can then affect not only themselves, but the community at large. I think any time or effort that we as adults can put into supporting healthy youth is well worth it. Jody Johnson


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