Earth Friendly Tip 8: Solar Dry Your Sheets & Towels

Karen Shragg gives readers another earth friendly tip as we near Earth Day.

Editor's Note: April 22 is Earth Day, as it has been for over 40 years. But why limit it to just one day? Join us here on Nature Notes for the next 10 days for a new environmentally-friendly tip from Karen Shragg, naturalist and director of Wood Lake Nature Center.

It may look bad by today’s standards, but we could save a lot of fossil fuel if we looked to the sun to dry our heavier items like sheets, towels and sweatshirts in the spring, summer and fall.

I remember growing up the days of clotheslines, which I know that dates me, but it always smelled so fresh when they were brought inside. You can watch your energy bills go down while you save on this limited resource that adds carbon to the atmosphere when burned. It does mean however that you need to pay attention to the weather so that you avoid the rainy days!

Mike McLean April 22, 2011 at 12:57 PM
In the winter, I hang my jeans, tee shirts and sweat shirts inside. Mostly so they will not shrink but the side benefit is saving money. As soon as the temp approaches the 30's, the sheets are hung outside to obtain the fresh smell. Towels in the dryer all year round to keep them soft. These are just my habits.


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