Bring Back The 4th: Richfield Residents Could Help the City Win $10K Grant to Fund 4th of July Celebration

Richfield has the chance to win $10,000 from Liberty Mutual to fund the annual Fourth of July celebration.

Editor's Note: The following is a press release from Liberty Mutual.

Facing stretched budgets, cities and towns across America are viewing local Fourth of July events with growing uncertainty, as many municipalities make the tough choice to scale back or cancel longstanding celebrations. To help, Liberty Mutual Insurance will once again host Bring Back The 4th, an online contest through which U.S. cities and towns can compete for one of ten $10,000 grants to continue cherished July 4 traditions such as parades, fireworks displays and ceremonies honoring our veterans. Residents from Richfield can now visit BringBackThe4th.com to help . 

Here is how the contest works: Upon visiting the Bring Back the 4th website, visitors are prompted to take a brief quiz on Responsible Moments in U.S. History, featuring questions about Americans who helped shape our nation and inspire others. Each completed quiz counts as one credit towards the site visitor’s town, and the 10 U.S. municipalities with the most quizzes completed on their behalf will be eligible to win grants. Website visitors may take the quiz once, and are encouraged to rally family, friends and co-workers to visit BringBackThe4th.com and take the quiz themselves. Featured on the website are a host of tools for spreading the word via social media, websites, blogs and newsletters.

Liberty Mutual will close the contest on Flag Day, June 14, 2011, and then tally the quiz credits to determine winners and award grants to the 10 cities and towns that prompted the highest participation, the week of June 20. Bring Back the 4th grants will be awarded to cities and towns in three size-based categories:

  • Small Cities/Towns – Up to 15,000 residents (Four grants)
  • Medium Cities/Towns – 15,001-100,000 residents (Three grants)
  • Large (three grants – 100,001 residents and over (Three grants)

“As a company with roots in the Richfield region, we appreciate first-hand the important role Fourth of July traditions play in our city,” said Rick Allen, lead sales representative for Liberty Mutual Insurance. “By participating in Bring Back the 4th, local residents can rally in support of a fun, patriotic celebration that brings us together as community members, year after year.”

For full contest rules, please visit BringBackThe4th.com.

Mary Barnes May 12, 2011 at 02:41 AM
Richfield, Howard Bunce, would want you to apply for th above grant. Hello, free money. Somewhere, M Bachmann, and T Pawlenty, are raising their necks, free money? And no oil spills involved. I was not born in Canada, but my in laws, were. They fled to Ill. What did the neighbors say? French, they speak French, send them home. French, why did they invade our country. They only know cows and pickles. Sent them back to Canada, ASAP. True story, Richfield, Liberty Mutual, we have won habds down. Maybe not, some cranky person from Edina, will whine, that they did not get the money. So sad, too bad.
Mary Barnes May 12, 2011 at 02:43 AM
we have won, hands down.
Deb C May 16, 2011 at 01:20 PM
Since this article is about winning a grant for the city of Richfield and the 4th of July festivities, let's focus on doing just that. I took the quiz and answered all the questions correctly. So Richfield residents, take the quiz and pass it on to your fellow Richfield residents!!!
Lynnae Haines May 31, 2011 at 03:14 PM
I just took the quiz finally! I love Richfield 4th of July...ALWAYS a great celebration of our freedom!


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